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We need to do what we can for our residents to be able to stay in their homes due to the economic crisis and hardships cause by COVID-19 has been bestowed upon our community.

Community Urgency Issue:

In 2016, i came up with and campaigned for the $40 million dollar bond, which the voters approved by 67 percent of the voters in 2018.  


Now with the reported of May 2020 on "SLR" Sea Level Rises which shows vast amounts of our communities going under water.   We have just a few years to build up defenses.   I am therefore purposing $18 to $22 million, however if we delay the bond amount almost definitely higher as we work to address the safety and saving of our homes, open space and places of employment {Businesses}.  

This is a step in the right direction to control the cost, so Oakland Park, Florida is not another (SOBE) South Beach in Miami and/or City of Fort Lauderdale paying out 3 to 5 times more, plus the cost overruns for the same work.  While having there children run outside to play or catch a school bus or when you need to walk outside to walk your pet or to just enjoy the sun in your yard.  To have human feces in your yard, home, street because the pipes have broken or no water.

City Charter

We need to propose changes to our City charter that will create additional position(s) "Mayor" and one additional "City Commissioner" so that we shall have a odd number on the board. 

While also revisiting the powers of the City Commission and the City Manager to include the removal of the city manager needing a majority vote vs. a super majority vote. 

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We need to start holding the elected School Board members and Contractors accountable.  So I will open up bi-weekly to monthly meetings.  Inviting the Elected School Board Members and the Contractors with General Contractors to the meetings.  

If they do not wish to appear the name(s), company logo(s) and company name(s).   I shall have large SIGNS showing "Refusal to Show up to answer for but not limited to the Waste and/or Delays!"  With all of the websites, contact emails, contact names, and phone numbers printed in upon the signs for everyone to see.  I shall also give out all information related to the projects to the residents that make a such a request at no charge. 

Enough with the delays and cost over runs and time to hold others fully accountable.  Its high time to stop the waste of the tens of millions of dollars of cost over runs and delays.

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